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omg ur here
i thought maybe you were like, making money
i know, hi!
i dont remember 2018
i think i was a bike mechanic
there was a fire or something

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this is like, after years

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sure thats normal, responsible
i just buy hakko tips and do whatever and theyre fine
stab into fluxed brass coils, like new
leave on overnite, stab into brass coils, tins fine

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except buying a decent new one

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once youre sanding tips its pretty much hame over for that tip
like, if it oxidized, the plating probably wasnt great to begin with, sanding it thinner on all surfaces without going through anywhere is going to be difficult

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also is a ron howard film, so visually amazing
needs a boost reg?

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states dont really work
minority rule to appease slave owning states
the senate isnt democracy
less population should have less power
because basic fucking democracy
net|: no the electrons paths are random and mostly cancel
a world government would likely need to be overthrown at some point
sculptor: rush (2013)
united or divided dont describe standard of living or overall happiness
sculptor: its not, really
senna is, senna is also biased
sculptor: i watched it with some non race fans last weekend and they loved it
and its only about 95% true

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im saying fuck that
because thats not how it works
why not do it to canada?
maybe because mexicans dont want that?
so the_gfr|w things we should take over the world
USA should pull back all mil from other countries
and stop trying to exploit literally everyone
we should withdraw from everywhere and do everything though allied forces
but you believe in a world government?
a world gov isnt going to happen without taking it
which means wars
everyone else who has tried stop being an empire
net|: im pretty sure the energy comes from the momentum of electrons moving from atom to atom in similar paths due to molecular alignment

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you need to stop reading trump tweets
his wall isnt going to get built
hes changing his definition of wall to fencing that already exists or has been planned
even border patrol things its stupid
law enforcemet on the border thinks its stupid
there are sections that have been destroyed, anyway
because if it was a deterent, it would just be cut down, as it has been
and as DHS reports say is possible with current wall plans
you want to stop illegal immigration?
easy, put employers of illegal immigrants in prison
short of that, its racism
bullshit xenophobia
looking for any justification
sure just take their resources and sovereignty
yeah fuck that man
yeah thats basically a coup
it has oil and other resources
so the_gfr|w wants to steal it
and benefit from it

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trump got it opened?
trump had his ass handed to him by nancy pelosi
and signed basically the same bill, without border funding, that he could have signed 35 days ago
the economy lost more money than he wanted to build his bullshit pipe dream wall
why not spend it making jobs to build roads and bridges that are falling apart?
wall is just a monoment to racism, both sides know it, its not happening
texans wont let it happen anyway
they didnt when bush tried it
the wall is being built?
dude the shit being built and maintained is built during or scheduled since bush/obama

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jero32: jacks look clean, shrug

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heh @ whisker diode

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