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original dubbed akira is best version
jero you dont speak japanese
reading cartoons is lame
home, <3 <3 <3
sunset in the reflector strips

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blackmoon: tmnt on nes was one of the games i just gave upon as kid
heh @ my summer car

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like, same detail in both but contrast is a bit higher in B so its stands out bit more
their eyes are so derp'd

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USB-C Plug to USB-A Jack <-> USB-A Plug to USB-C is directional
like, i put the female A side towards the phone, and the phone tried to charge the pc tablet

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no idea about an ltspice model but its basically a commodity part, and the design formulas in the datasheet are clear and pretty general, like they can be applied to typical switchers with maybe some minor modification for output switch type
look on lt's site if you just want something that sims
like, look up a part in their tables, and then look it up in ltspice
most the non standard additions to ltspice are to get their switcher parts to sim correct
or this is how they market it

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jackbrown: for practice relating to electronics troubleshooting, repair, and prototyping with a rework station, regular SMD is probably better time spent
like, ssop and mlf, small pins and leadless
this comes up all the time and you can rework with close to 100% success with a little practice
BGA rework you want a completely different set of more expensive tools
and testing is going to be very application specific without xray gear

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reworking bga is kind of drama
basically if i was in a bga rework situation, someone fucked up real bad with no time left

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yeah if you can hold the scope well and have decent light source theyre usable
no not beneath a bga, you need xray machine
timecop had a dentist friend i think
for bga, the most straight forward thing seems like shorting between adjacent pins on an IC, and test pads
and i bet they exist but i bet theyre ridic expensive and maybe not easy to order
you could prob configure an FPGA to test most of the pins, and then you justhave to make sure power pins are good to test everything else
i think the cheapest thing would be finding some functional junk with a BGA

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its not common so it would prob be spendy
i think most test IC package are just dead pins, not connected
yeah thats a really good board for practice but it doesnt look like the pads are connected to anything so checking is prob best done with a microscope
like, 20x to 40x magnification is good for solder fillet and bridge inspection
you can get a cheap loupe for inspection
yeah BGA is really challenging because you can just throw some test pads off the IC pads and test continuity to physical pins

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do those have pin test pads or something?
whats the back look like?
i think the issue with LED tests is the IC would have to be compatible
like, ideally test packages with shorted adjacent pins or
er, no or, not enough backspace

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i think he means boards to practice soldering
jackbrown: phone stuff is going to be BGA and leadless
BGA, youre going to need an oven or at least a hot air rework station
leadless, like MLF, you can buy a breakout and some random chips
also you can find a cheap computer, or some junk
computers from 15-20 years ago are going to have a lot of modern package components
and you can practice desoldering and putting them back on for close to free
like, if you can desolder a pga from an old computer and put it back and it actually boots, youre a badass
you could make that with a microcontroller and a breakout
right and it maybe wouldnt be very clear what was messed up
but its basically free if you live in a town with trash bins

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macegr: i am back in LA for like a week now
and no i am not a niki lauda
hopefully he is okay he just got lung transplant
then he got pneumonia few months after
he has like month and a half to get better before F1 australian GP

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