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maybe they just kind of deflect inward all the time instead of wear down

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i guess little motor, weak valve springs
are they interference pistons?
if theyre non-interference i can see them just going fuckit and calculating for a year or two life
i hope the pics are taken to hide the keys

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wtf @ plastic cam
they sit at like 600 rpm or something?

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honda cant f1
therefor: honda = meaningless, dead to me, disgraced
probably, i dont think their small motors division is the same as the F1 motor team
also, current dominating mercedes f1 was brawn gp was honda f1

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electricity and magnetism
physics course
i think its like languages, you can do well in the classes, but i dont make much sense until you immerse yourself in it

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jero32: well, yeah
you have to add up all the forces
or else who cares
well, how does forces alone make any sense?
sigma is just this + this + this + this + this
dont try to be intuitive with moment of inertia other than with units
its just spinny mass
and the units dont make much untuitive sense, but everything should still cancel and become what you want
like normal
almost everyone says that about E&M

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jero32: rotation mechanics = electric motor sizing voodoo

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