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turn the adapter over

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they were fixed w/ internal feedback
right theres been a lot of IC
i brough mc34063 into for more general math, moon was looking at tl494 stuff to kind of guess what was going on
there was a mystery softstart block in the diagram at same node, otherwise the RC look like it completely unloaded the feedback amp output at steady state output
unless softstart was a load
i went to local tofu place, still the same
fake bbq duck #1

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rab: not sure if jero's new switcher is diff, but yesterday when this started, the compensation node wasnt at a feedback node
was just an error amp output load, 1M resistive load for parameter test conditions, RC load in app circuits, but not configured as filter
in another similar datasheet they mentioned just pulling the comp pin low to shut down pwm
i think the new one might be more like opamp feedback, just filter low enough you dont phase reverse at >0dB

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jero32: pretty sure you have to turn the pole and zero values into freq response?
dont you need the phase component? youre taking the controls class you should be telling us
right this seems too simple compared to the diff eq approach ive had my face shoved into
anyway, usually for this stuff, i try and read through the entire app note explanation once
try and do what theyre explaining with their math
and then see if i can rework the math for what im specifically looking for
its almost always way less complicated than i originally thought when they give you algebra equations
and right @ z plane stability

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right-half-plane zero
oh, i thought you asked something else

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