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they looks kind of stupid but i kind of want a pair
i think i maybe three away my mdr7506, i dont know what i decided in the end
2nd set of earpads was shredded, and they didnt have the best LR matching when i tested them

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okay well professional opinions, if he didnt measure them before and after, including for non-harmonic distortion (rub n buzz) his opinions is kind of bullshit
adding weight is legitimate tech in a heavy bass acoustic device
the other one is adding rigidity, which requires changes in tooling
thats fine
their distortion is really bad in the low end
but fit, finish, and feel are ++good
perfect match for apple
vmoda crossfade had similar bass junkie FR curve, but crazy low THD

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none of the beats headphones i took apart had weights
tho probably the battery is enough
rab: metal parallelogram linkages and headband
because angles!
still needed rotational pivot for the cups
...which is basically everything elses solution, since forever

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gave a bum some $300 active headphone prototypes
i like the passive version better, and i dont even use those because you need a neck like an F1 driver to wear them long
got looked at like i was some sort of idiot when i noted how heavy
then they weight the shit and its like 3x mdr7506
clamp force to match

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i the away so many junk
bum by the dumpster when i moved was super excited
i kept the parker linear screw servo thing
just gotta buy a $20 amphenol connector
someone dropped it, think it prob 15 lbs, and cracked the connector shell
i threw away all all the pneumatic linear stages i got with it
boss kid at bike job got bunch of junk from work

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the fins are kind of rifled?

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i kept mines fan on the entire time
room was 25ft long, did a pretty good job moving air all the way across it
long squirrel cage style blower

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You couldnt just buy a new radio?
17:15:46 < Sculptor> Rab: now when you use a multi split system, how do you deal with the room air quality, stale air and moisture buildup
sculptor: i had mini-split in big room with a window and door on one end that i never opened
keeping air moving is huge
and then sometimes opening window/door and sticking fan near door once in awhile helps
also was really dry, the indoor thing has a tube that condenser moisture drains out of

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pretty sure silicone wire insulation is like twice as high...
oh, nope
200C max, i guess im thinking the Si coated fiberglass stuff

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rab: did not read article, but my understanding is the russian engineers did the math and concluded the shuttle was a ROI joke
i guess the debate was whether it was propaganda or stupidity
russian engineers pretty good with what they had to work with
anyway, shuttle should have been three different projects and two of them should have just been rockets to orbital stations
black project lifting bodies are prob pretty cool, tho
rab: the silicone shrink temp is way low

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real hackko stands dont have that
i have a little mint tin i keep all my tips
i do if im going from like, tiny smd to big wires
mostly i get away with medium conical chisel thing
fuck that
also im supposed to dip the boards in the pot?
anyway, pot is for recreation and therapy
right im saying like, wire to board stuff, or soldering telephone splice
solder pot good for mass production wire tinning

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jackbrown: are you sure the first link is plastic?
looks like a normal 907 stand, mines metal
maybe cast aluminum, that just looks like a knockoff
i have couple of these
sure but its metal
maybe from same factory
it looks like the aoyue stand

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rab: link?

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