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cheapie: isnt 3 guys or 3 girls still max gay?

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jero32: all products have become cheap chinese products
97% of the time, the world keeps working

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13:35:58 <@Rab> "Time-limited Limited" sounds seriously limited.
i mean, you could argue that it means minimally limited
but probably their english is not quite that sneaky

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non-power cree stuff is cheaper than i thought
prob bought a bunch of factories
they will probably be less reliable than something from digikey, arrow or mouser
get what you pay for

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little ones pretty much same options as big ones
intensity is variable, too, also focus
i think focus there are less options for smd
yeah, never know
i would just buy from someplace on octopart
i think you are correct
theyre usually use with light pipes, diffusers, baffles
not really a lot of plastic on an smd led to make a lens

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if theres cost differences, red and green leds tend to be cheaper, blue and white tend to be more
amber usually on the red/green side of things, stuff like purple/turqoise dont really have typical price
white comes in various color temps, like slight red to blue tint

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blackmoon: https://i.redd.it/f9s9azch3bf21.jpg
jackbrown: https://youtu.be/3C9p4ng2z7E?t=465
2mm x ~1mm
its 0805
theyre 0805 if his measurements are accurate

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blackmoon: yeah hopefully she doesnt get shot
because thats how you get shot

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by remember what the instructor says the previous week and not totally failing the final?

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6W? how big it is?

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