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you think #cars isnt cool with that shit so you can do it here now?
i just said not fox news

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nintendo res is usable

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cheater: might not be square px, shrug

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looks like jeros thing is lots of aluminum
thats kinda neat

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the res is fine for inspection
the latency is a bitch to work with

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Video output: 1080p Full HD
960x240 prob not too bad on a monitor that small
zero images including comment images of the lcd

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the hdmi and mini usb ports

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jero32: is it aluminum or plastic with matte paint and sharp corners?
would definitely be paranoid about screen jacks

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jero32: how much is small lag?
take video of the screen and something under it, count frames
flick a lighter
or turn on an LED or something
shrug, if you can work with it its fine, laggy shit drives me nuts

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because diff equations are hard
except like like the 6 specific ones they figured out
and the rest you just laplace

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<rab> schoolz is for bitchez!

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ac-130u: ceramic or electrolytic?
other caps were fine on same meter?
because that sucks

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jackbrown: easy answer is yes

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