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good dubs are better than subs
but dubs arent super common

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tc like happy hardcore
because tc is a broken human
or a college girl in the late 90s
with furry boots

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im usually okay with shit until the singing happen
nice its got glitchy breaks
wow, massive reverb even fixes vocaloid

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like, i trust medical surge protection
but that shit is like 100 lbs of isolation
i just feel like with cable there are so many stages of signal level electronics, prob things die way before they hit a lot of connected gear
like, itll just explode, its prob not going to take out hundreds of homes worth of gear
lighting hits a power distribution facility, might surge a thousand homes

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and yeah looks like 75 ohms is the standard
like, lighting would have to hit *your* distribution box
and if that happens you prob have other issues and the surge protector will probably splode
but power grid is diff
power grid will maybe blow up and manage to distribute the energy to a few neighborhoods
like, i guess if lighting hit a pole, and the EM fields coupled into everything, you could maybe get a surge that the protector deals with
but i kind of assume that shit is built into the distribution boxes

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like, things may survive well enough to actually delivery a huge amount of energy for a very small period of time
might be fine, maybe flip some breakers, maybe blow up something after the initial surge
its like mW, i think
according to this, 2.5 volts is 126mW
i mean, surge protector isnt bad if youre still getting signal through
but i think the chance of getting a surge on the signal line is super low

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so, assuming the distribution box is earthed, and wiring isnt fucked, and theres no catastrophic physical damage to the distribution box, lightning strike could do it, but probably everything explodes and frys if that happens
i mean maybe signal line surges happen, but a lot of shit would have to fail and also not die for it to get to the modem
power is different, its like dinosaur engineering, very simple, capable of carrying massive power, and a lot of the system is out in the open and very high compared to surrounding structures
like, signal processors and amps
they would have to take a catastrophic surge that would likely kill them, but also survive enough to transfer the power, statistically, over many stages
where as power, lighting could hit a mile away and show up as a huge surge at your place

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in apartments, there is usually a dsitribution box, thats probably earthed
i assume for houses there is similar box on a pole someplace, could be earthed there
but the jack shields are probably common with modern earth, and my guess is theyre connected to earth/chassis on a mobo, which should connect to the earth on the pc psu cable
which earths backs to your homes power earth
but if you have a laptop, or a router, the psu if usually DC, isolated

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ive never done it
power wasnt great in my last place, couple times my mobo said it detected a power surge, i just run from the wall through power strips
never had issues w/ my modem
the cable or the modem?
my modems have been 2-prong power cables, no earth, i assume its grounded through the cable and ethernet shields
ground surge usually means lightning strikes or something wired wrong or a short

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one of the songs in parport sound card
i think it was bombman stage

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thats megaman no?
is it slow because he didnt do tempo right or because the computer just cant go faster?

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why are they going to stop hosting the old version or something?

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jero32: good job!
can you poles and zeros into freq domain yet?
honestly, matlab kind of makes to automatic if you pay for the right modules, heh
kind of want to get it working with sympy, scipy, plotly

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oh, i hate that shit
blackmoon: i shorted the blink IC on one, loved it after

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blackmoon: i maybe have a phone interview for that job tomorrow!
cnc electronics, dunno details
so what would be secure IoT?
right but what does everyone else thing?
honestly i think IoT should have offline shadow systems as standard, anything at all critical
blackmoon: like sample and hold bulbs?

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blackmoon: surely vector modification can't keep up with a spreadsheet user's input
you have to think of performance!
ms office actually works now
even the equation editor in word
well, for homes its prob fine
IoT energy grid and nuclear centrifuges prob not a great idea
anything automated is IoT at a product design level for years
fucking cnc machines are becoming IoT

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lope: use diodes

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its jpl, they probably did the maths

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the rich energy ripoff of the JPS lotus livery is pretty cool, too
rich energy already getting sued by whyte bicycles over logo, as predicted
no one will notice

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contemporary art from same area

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not previously seen that written out, expected dirty farmers

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