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analog exceeds brain precision, shrug
a model that works with continuous math and inprecise perception
he could just define maximum observable precision and youd pretty much be in same boat

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digital maybe means binary because thats how we built the tech we called digital
like, dna is some sort of quantized data medium, but its not digital to a lot of people
im sure there are debates
making it super general, like, nothing measured is analog, and analog might not exist in nature

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but right, everything is basically observed, and gravity and EM fields behave consistently in those units so we call the math laws
then quantum physics, shrug
not like those guys are much past the guessing phase
like, people laught about insane clown posse and magnets...
but ive talked to someone whose life is basically magnetic engineering, lots of degree, and when he got past a certain point, he was pretty much insane clown posse
i dunno
actually i think it comes from quantized, because a lot of how they thing it works is integer based
like, things at discrete levels without in between states
youre going to break something

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jero32: its kind of circular, like what are base and what are derived units
but basically all we know for sure is mass, distance, time, and charge, and everything else relates
some stuff mentioned current instead of charge, then defines it in turns of force, so mass time and distance
*in terms of

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jero32: shrug, its EM fields
so we know how it works we dont know why it happens
gravity and E fields are both defined with force (mass, distance, time)
and i guess related to charge

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blackmoon: this is awesome

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cheater: would guess that it depends on how well the shield is shielding

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cheater: the cable?
id imagine so, unless pullups are integrated, but even then if you can get a wiring diagram for it im sure its possible
seems like there is some voodoo involved, tho

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cheater: not sure how passive, shit knows what direction i connect the cable
like, depending on direction, tablet will try and charge phone, or vice versa

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flyback in the workplace, omg

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