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jero32: there will be more, how much depends on slew rate
if circuit is slow prob doesnt matter much
shadowrun hong kong game is pretty neat, is like fallout without looting or ammo
old fallout

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yeah says 85C, so 75C with the error, not bad if thing is made for up to 45C
doubt it
pelota man wont stop honking
oh there is an industrial part goes to 105C

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st is neat
specs look cheap
prob useful for detecting overheating if normally used around ambient
so +/- 5C or something?
theyre 85C rated or what?
seems ok if gpio arent being pushed

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why not?
thats kind of the point, you baffle the fiber so it fires down it, then have something at the end that turns it

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cheater: if the scratch was a V so it would effectively turn the rays into the sheet at an angle that it would stay in the sheet, and the edges of the sheet were reflective to get the rays back into the middle, and the dot was textured to diffuse the light, or the dot was angled upwards as if drilled from top, sure would work
if you can deal with a lot of loss, you can probably leave off the reflective edge
cheater: i think you would be better off with a groove with a normal fiber pipe

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you want to light up all the edges? or the scratch?
or what?
cheater: https://computer.howstuffworks.com/fiber-optic6.htm
do maths, make angles, scratch yo thing

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