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guys this stuff is so good
k time to shadowrun
yesterday i killed the ghoul, he wanted to be part of my team but he eats people

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rab: it doesnt even have a slide erase like a magnadoodle?
yeah, magnadoodle
superior ^
rab: clearly i need to make a 60" magnadoodle
with black frame
so like taking a pic of a whiteboard
which everyone does
whiteboards have FIVE colors easy
okay flyback, who has BT that does not also have a camera phone?

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cant find pricing for blackboard, just business and education links
fuck this quoty trash
show me how many money!

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i know this song but do not know what is talk talk

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deadCAT ethernets

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macgyver0: angle sensor
i think the absolute one i used for spinny bot was 10b?
it referenced a magnet like a mm away in the mechanical assembly
its non contact, more long term reliable than a pot
e-bike throttles are usually hall sense

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i think the dsp motor faders are just single channel
position feedback is all you need
you can just take that signal and send it to two adc inputs if you have seperate UI and DSP processing
or have the UI processor send the DSP the position data
do many of those systems use pots? like older stuff?
pretty sure throttle on new stuff is hall sensors

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my guess is whatever you can think of, yes
ive seen screw drive faders

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like, you can swipe the pots back and forth quickly to do that and itll fix things temporarily, but will also wear down the pot more
deoxit fader lube supposed to replace the factory pot lube and keep wear down
i think reg deoxit might be similar but is more about removing switch contact oxidation, prob harsher
mostly they get tiny dead spots or curve gets weird like chunk of something moved

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haha fuuuuuuuck that
ive seen solvents wash away carbon
the ink starts to run, rub away
and can strip away the lube that keeps wipers from scratching the carbon away in the first place
wirewound you can prob clean with anything, plastic pots can prob be dried out by solvents but iunno
like, almost anything that washes away carbon thats worn off and still in the pot will imrove things short term

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im not saying this is a good idea, but i would put it on its back, and spray down the shafts

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jero32: get deoxit fader lube or youll kill it
reg deoxit not great for carbon pots
i like those, tho
thats like base model of my vector dso

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