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he had books?
whoel chan pretty much chased him out
anyway, msg him his nick is causality

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oh he left
but yeah delivery services, was like managers were used to working with friends but friends got real jobs
and trim shit, managers are fine but its just weird situation because no banking so payroll just isnt a thing in the normal sense

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yeah ive done some work with cannabis industry
not the smartest cookies

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fuck VHS
because of VHS i only discovered the first 20 minutes of die hard like 15 years ago
and ive seen empire strikes back like 2000 times
my deck had like 20 switches and trim pots to tune the channels
it probably was not great

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oh, tru
guys if you dont count the spaces in '18% not electronics', 18% is 18%

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that is past tense now
not the 18% part
but it makes your point half
even if it stands it is vert short now
like, sub devito
dunno thats a lot of fluffy characters he could have just been like '18% not electronics'

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bigger is prob going to save you zoom drama if your hands are tied up
rab: having the horiz match the vert close was nice for mousing, plus little drawings, diagrams
you just nit picked
for reading text almost anything is fine

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gimp changed their icons
seems big to go with a 24" landscape
worked great with 40" tv as main monitor

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big, no adapter
have 23" 1080 monitor i used portrat for pdf, 1080 was fine
jero32: what size is normal monitor?
oh, yeah little thing probably fine

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i had to do physical for possible newjob, my eyes are very okay by not identical
rab: okay i will look at everything from now on

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they dont just make little monitors like that now?
1080 doesnt seem big anymore
i figured because windows touch tablets with >1080 res now, would be cheap now

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