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shrug, look up spme datasheet
1w is prob pushing pretty hard
dpak2 is basically surface mount to220, little bigger than sot223
but sot223 look really cool

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jero32: all the keysight scopes

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indoor garden!

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i dont even remember bills
we moved a few times
didnt you get an analol tek?
i use my ancient tek dso more than the crappy rigol i have

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kevtris: rly? in the mid 90s they had normal liner notes, some had little books, some had special cases
was same shit as at warehouse in every case i can think of, had no problem reselling them
or maybe was the other mail order cd place, shrug, my cats had accts with at least two services
sounds right

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sign up your cat
holy shit it lasted until 2009
two of my cats had bmg music accts

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they put a limit on their api calls
for awhile no one in #cars knew the weather, was tragic

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we do not have such capabilities

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sculptor: new fans?
what are you using bidirectional for?

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scipy = bunch of stats/dsp related stuff, sympy = symbolic maths, so like factor the equation
brits have voted to ask EU to delay brexit
when do they vote to give up and pretend nothing happened

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its big, its heavy, its wood
eck0 is old
our age :\
charlie :( :( :(
iunno rhett says to use that
he been gone awhile
recent stuff ive used scipy/sympy/plotly
plotly bit less crackish than matplotlib

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efsenable: i too hate radians
also you might want to consider log scaling whatever you are doing to make the plots useful
hz are usually log scaled, amplitude for a lot of stuff
and synth is here because he can matlab, apparently
when it was required otherwise i try and do it with python shits
pretty sure ive logscaled in the matlabs

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