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shrug, undefined behavior in a lot of cases, pretty sure anything you can think of, yes
but right a lot of amps done care
k i have to go be social and shit
theres gonna be food
what does it mention about it?
anyway, if youre unsure and it needs to operate rail to rail, maybe just get an RRIO amp
man 3.3ms is foreeeevoooor
rail to rail input output
theres a search category at digikey
k bbl
rrio are usually $$$, feels really nice to touch em

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if its in a metal box and you dont do something crackheaded with the grounding and power, its usually fine
honestly, a lot of single sided superchina spaghetti ground circuits work fine
oh, haha
they flip out and it fucks power

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ghz stuff from phones is a problem in wood and plastic boxes, so you can try and make filters that keep it from creating bad pulses, or you can just put a little shield cage around the amp circuit
tat feedback cap doesnt exist in a lot of circuit, or it isnt populated
if youre making a board, its usually a good idea to put the pad there even if you dont plan on using it
never know
i mean, unless there is some specific reason not to, almost always a good idea to filter inputs

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so i think your system will be pretty consistent, so you can try things and verify and be pretty confident you wont kill input signal later
shrug, scopes with much higher impedance
yeah, if you want to test for immunity
you can try and find a consistent interference generator and get it neat the circuit or inject it somehow
but you want to be reasonable, can usually find something that will flip a given circuit out
like, you dont need to do a 32kV direct discharge ESD test if the thing is going to live in a grounded steel box

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so like you mentioned, filtering low as a solution is usually valid, even tho youre not really calculating multi pole filter interactions
you can do that, and you might end up with better or cheaper outcomes, but you understand the issue
so if you have the issue, you have some ways to try and fix it
and an idea of things that can happen if you decide not to, or fix it wrong
and what to check to see if its actually a problem
like, you might not even see it oscillating checking things at low frequency, but then your phone rings and your project blows up
usually isnt
the only problem with that is usually variable input impedances
or put another way, variable output impedances of connected devices

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looks like that extends response
like, methods are complicated, but its all techniques to keep phase reversal from turning negative feedback into positive
do you know what gain bandwidth product is?
thats from the pole inside the amp
so the feedback cap and compensation networks form multipole filters with that
the complexity doesnt really come from the problem as much as from filter design in general
so your back to your poles and zeros nightmares

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so sloa is opamp app note
web search indicate snompus is an irc user
nope, user on #asm
youre famous, snompus
if you search me, im the motor that killed production rotaries :(

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i dont even know the part type
on in that
fuck if i know
its less likely to oscillate, but it might do weird shit if interference is present
in a high gain system, interference can clip the amp above your bandwidth of interest, and once the amp clips all performance is fucked
in audio, the typical example is cell phone interference
even though its out of audio bandwidth, itll clip the amps and you can hear that
the first doc you linked is a good doc
even if it doesnt all make sense theres prob a lot in there will help you figure it out
it depends on operational and open loop gain, tho
snompus: nice

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so yeah if you include it, and youre not going to calc the response, you have to make it strong
like, filter low enough that the response will be way below unity at the GBP freq
the amp itself is a single filter pole
so if you add a filter pole, and they are close enough in freq they stack, you get half phase shift
rab linked you to a good TI doc on it
maybe a week or two ago
pretty sure it was you
*ti*pdf probably works for a grep
they usually make sense
single supply low offset amp?

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and probably to compensate for offset created by bias current
feedback resistance in parallel is usually a decent rule of thumb value
float the strain guage i think
i think in that case its to equally load the bridge
if you do the feedback cap wrong, if inverts the phase of feedback before the amps response drops below unity
and negative feedback turns positive
so oscillator

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yeah that looks pretty good actually
couldnt find better

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if its going to an adc you might be abe to just zero the offset and rely on low drift
expensive parts feel good
you can get an even better one!
oh damn that is low
oh thats typical not max
look they says so in the next line
this chip is not even magic, jero
also its a maxim part
they will discontinue it as soon as you need more

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ha he got convicted for it twice
and damn he can get parolled in 4 years
missouri is fucked

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just get a fucking divorce
blackmoon: link?
balance, yo
key to a healthy life

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i think the inspection thing is why its been used for mil stuff
linked stuff has a mil p/n

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ive found it at surplus shops, seemed ancient, the adhesive has turned kind of powdery but it still works
ive gotten that a few times, <3
ill get uninsulated crimps and slide that over after connecting

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rab: i <3 adhesive lined clear
rab: also theres a lot of variation in reg stuff, way less in clear stuff
there is def a hard and soft variety, tho
also im pretty sure the harder adhesive clear is very old, and written into some mil specs

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he hasnt mentioned the wound on his arm yet
haha did not mention the blade cover added after

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anyway for a home my arguments are pretty shitty, but sponge flooring for workspaces seems ridiculous
i guess i mean damp feet
its not even really an issue with hardwood
and 4 years with tile floor on concrete and a decent heater/ac setup, i cant remember even thinking about it once

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only downside is shit sticking to your feet coming out of the shower
and like, you can just get a little door mat or rug for the bathroom
but some foam tiles to put on the wall where youre not walking on it
get some cieling acoustic tiles
if i was redoing or designing a home, would be hardwood and tile everywhere
wet feet is the only downside i can think of, and i guess cold
get some fucking slippers
and wet feet is really only an issue if youre like me and you only sweep like every other year

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is the whole area flooded or does he just have a leaky roof or pipes or something
i hope he doesnt have carpet
shit he could at least broom or squeegee it out
cant really fuck with concrete or tile
he needs a pro carpet cleaner to suck the water out of the padding
would need to clear out all the gear and leave it out for a couple days while shit dries
i really dont like carpet
that tight knit shit they use in commercial buildings without padding seems okay but at that point why even bother

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rab: im not sure what youre referencing, but a person of his status not having a shop vac indicates some major judgement issues
hes probably spent it all huffing helium

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prob not like bagels, matzo and challah

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on the other hand, jewish bread is like the pinnacle of human engineering
yes simboona today is a good day

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my grandpa doesnt really english
so we just kind of mumble at each other and shake hands and smile, <3
they all remind me of middle age jewish women
well, not all of them
a significant fraction act like the people that rejected mom at temple

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mine is horrible
i spend a lot of time with family just sitting there with no idea whats going on
yeah he messages a lot, like he wants to be frens
i dont think thedrip knows a lot
from #cars, he works like 2 exits from the border
pretty sure theres no r in that
rab: thats spanglish for little pig meat
dont pull that learn english before spanish bullshit
thats what my dad did, our english is excellent, our spanish is a disgrace
rab: heheh
yup thats what my dad was avoiding
but hes dead and im glad

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