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why not just say free
games and porn
shrug, possibly its genius
did you think #cars was #lrh too?

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can use instrumentation amp to do buffering and a lot of gain in one part
if youre adding a second stage it starts to make more sense
net|: so you are charging for the site and giving 100% of customer money to uploaders based on view time?
what does royalty free mean

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do the maths and figure out how many bits you need, then add a bit or two
net| why are you advertising here
its going to depends on noise, so grounding, shielding, filtering
youre a scientologist?
can maybe noise bigger if youre not careful, but you can use the extra stage to add more filtering

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scroll looks good
i maybe got nextjob because knowledge of grounding voodoo
you can short out that 1M earth resistor with a switch labeled lift, gets you an easy marketing bullet point
depends on noise and if youre amplifying the TC signal, 16b should be enough tho

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