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like, you put in one line at a time, and then hit a button, and it machine gunned the line onto the paper
maybe it did more than one line i dunno i was like 6

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flyback: needs grommet
my parents had a word processor like that

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rab: applications sections is pretty neat! til dinosaurs invented all typical opamp circuits

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oh neat the X model is <300R
does not state input impedance, hmmm

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21:33:26 <+jero32> granted, using them for math seems to have fallen by the wayside
thats how theyre using in audio
rab: heh @ output impedance: <1k

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dont do that

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shrug, someone with bills

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we got kinda fancy, but nextjob i have to do solidworks electrical and ive never done that
its kind of like EDA for industrial shit
so block diagrams, then wiring up motor, sensors, relays, switches, indicators
special sauce for cables and terminal blocks
links up with mechanical models
because in many cases you spend a lot of time setting up the tool, and not so much using it
like, before you can use tool enough to justify setup, company has moved on to new tools
shrug, fpga stuff in altium probably saved *someone* a lot of money

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endgame of my degree was pretty much motors etc
like, the EE people dont really get the mechanical modeling part, the ME people dont really get the electrical part, so bs mechatronics
shrug, i just make it in solidworks, put an axis and click mass properties

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are you doing shit with inertia of funky shaped objects plus gears and pulleys?
if no, its just physics, not mech eng
pulleys are annoying
you are kinda doing mechanical engineering
spoken like a true engineer

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that dynamics equation doesnt make intuitive sense to me
it works but its pretty much magic to me compared to the other ones

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mountain peaks on the beach side still sunny
radar says its just sfv and lower central valley

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hail is back, today not a good day

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pretty sure thats some clinton shit
maybe even bush sr
bush broke it, clinton fixed it
all the hailballs melted
covert haarping
feel totally vindacated for kicking simboona

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am i wrong?
oh i did it upside down
it gives a formula for velocity in terms of angle, then gives you an angle
isnt that alpha, then?
17:58:48 <+jero32> determine the angular velocity when it has rotated 20 revolutions
but right, you just differentiate both sides to get the accel
fuck all the d/dt notation shit
k yeah sounds good
seems like it
jero broke physics but turns out there was a typo so they sent astronauts up to fix the mirror

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if theta is the angle, i think answer is just 0.005 * (2*pi*20)^2
rain has stopped

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redo the equation and replace the omegas with t
make friends with a math major
i dont like calc notation
guys there is hail
like pea sized
wait isnt omega angular velocity?

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omg rain is happening and thunder is angry now
jero32: does that become omega = alpha*(dtheta/domega)?
which is maybe omega = alpha*theta(d/domega)
fuck if i know i hate calc

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now there is thunder somewhere but its not raining here
clearly someone gave trump the keys to haarp

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synth: went from spinkles to crazy big rain drops to kinda sunny in like 30 minutes

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synth: super cloudy

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simboona: stop spamming, thanks
i havent said that everyday for who knows how long without contributing anything else

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