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clearly he got opioids in his bong

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"Accessories page for Cannabis remember to clean the bong / bowl out regularly with hot water and some pipe cleaners. opiates can get into the weed and contaminate whole bong."
anyway, water sucks, all about iso alc w/ salt abrasive
insanity aside his bong must be nasty :(
wtf @ zig zags tastes like numb
'Drawbacks of smoking include reduced memory, yellow teeth(dead teeth you can feel the roots twisting and empty tooth feeling)'
i have never experienced this

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'sometimes my left nut hurts from the nicotine my guess.'
'Vaping is only about 4 years old so over time i feel liquids will become more engineered'
ive been vaping nicotine for at least twice that long and shit was around least couple years before i was doing anything
tecan is nuts
i wouldnt want weed was sitting in a vending machine, honestly
dont really trust big tobacco distributing weed but its heading in that direction

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tecan invented spliffs?
that bong gonna smell so nasty
does canada still have cig vending machines?!

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