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as opposed to nojob
but mostly shit sucks because normal bed in storage, current bed feels like chicken wire over car springs
shitty sleep == shitty life
but can improve crappy bed with some money, and eventually will have place to stick normal bed

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hopefully better in a couple weeks

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are the beaches nice?
looks like yes

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thats so mean

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flyback what will you do when all of your floppy media is converted?
what purpose will you have?
so if we destroy this fluxengine, we can keep you forever?
well stop that

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oh, wiki says its like hemp sativa
looks like people bitch about naming buts seems pretty accepted it is wild sativa that learned to autoflower

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actually i guess not, internet says cheap coffee is robusta
is ruderalis high cbd?
pretty sure most hemp is sativa, and thats where the cbd strains are derived
ruderalis is literal ditch weed, its basically uncultivated
folgers classic is an arabica/robusta mix
thats explains a lot :(

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i think the only advantage is its autoflowing
its small, low potency
i guess, no one will pay for it
25 years buying weed, not on slinger or dispensary has ever offered me anything except indica, sativa, or hybrids of the two
guys tecan straight said he smokes ruderalis
this is like saying i drink coffee that isnt arabica

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are you from the 90s?
are you sure its not the vagina monologues?
jero32: im not sure, in the case of solder wick, the flux can kind of dry out and flake off and it doesnt work well, but im not sure that counts
net|: its apperently timeless marketing if youre still interested
the real question is why are you ruining your bong with tobacco smoke
and why is their opiates in your weed
re: the opiates?
if its true, you are buying from shady mfkrs
move to california and buy from places who have their shit lab tested
who told you this?
ruderallis isnt really considered smokable

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news suggests yes

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so one trillion?

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for simple stuff i guess

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jero32: worked
all the professors pretty much threw up their hands when asked for help

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jero32: i ended up doing a project with timing in one long rung

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okay drop it, dont bring anything related up anymore, ever, i dont care if you think its ridiculous or an overreaction, dont evade bans, dont troll ops in messages or other channels

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now youre reasonable?

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if passwords are strong and salted, and youre trying to crack all of them, its going to takes years
vs the time to copy the data w/ plaintext
risk in power?
so youre green when its convenient for your argument
compared to everything else facebook is computing?
who did you promise?
so i can kick you for bringing up green new deal without context?

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the deterrent is enough that its pretty much how modern security works

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blackmoon: i dunno what tecan is trying to say
macgyver0: thats not how shadow passwords work

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