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make once sale, change your name, leave the country

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that sounds not fun
dont you have to be like REST
shit i have to make a lunch and go to sleep
right i remember you talking about this the entire time i was at school
do you have a badass sales guy?
you need that, and the balls to sell it for half as much as SAP

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ew kicad
jeri is goofy cute
i would watch if he did the pitch down thing
i read that in daves voice
and now i hate you

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ha, when my siatica shit was bothering me, one dr is like, try one of those suspension things
the batman shit hangs you by your feet
i didnt go back to him
air beds just seem hard
the other spelling for sciatica, they both seem accepted
and if you mean it, its pinched nerve
either lower back or hip
in my case it seems to be avoiding bike with very high gearing
its not about popping hip joint
its some tendon rubby into swelling turning into pinchy thing
my knees do a pop thing!
but i dont seem to have knee problems unless biking a ton, and i guess thats normal because old
beaver_: why?
but i dont make mobos
in general mobo psu design is good compared to decades ago, no/

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honestly i dont think prodigy is the greatest beyond their big songs
like, compared to lords of acid or ATR or trip hop stuff
yeah cover was good
but like, prodify guy died, and r/dnb posted bunch of tracks, and i remembered i didnt think their albums were great
stretch or something
get a diff pillow setup
or sleep on your left side
are you on a spring mattress?
those are weird

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you thing is an RF thing putting out that much power?
because then i def thing you should be passing EMC
if its just something with sharp clock edges, its a bit whatever most of the time
until your mom gets into a train wreck because of some toy
hes failing EMC and is sad
beaver_: make a faraday cage and learn to pretest
correlate your results with lab results
cheater: i got no rent!
right i got an idea what itll cost and will need to save up for like a month
i got mattress pad tho, doesnt hurt to sleep anymore
beaver_: find a nice lab you like going to
there is one in the santa monica mountains, is beautiful and sometimes deer happens
cheater: this is pretty okay
(prodigy cover)

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like, the audio devices i took for lab tested screamed, they passed
also, do you know how hard it would be to design consumer shit that isnt immune to something?
you can make most shit flip out with a cell phone if you try enough angles
beaver_: new shit happens and compliance testing is a thing?
every project ive worked on has dealt with it and passed
like i said, nothing ive worked on hasnt passed
didnt all pass the first time
the fixes usually werent that bad in terms of BOM
thats what the job is
i dont really think thats what its for
i mean, if youre shit is that bad you probably shouldnt be EE'ing
you brought it up

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not saying anymore
afaik its fixed
welcome to professional EE
if you want to put compliance labels on your shit and not worry about getting sued, you cant
shrug, safety issue
you dont have to
and just ship without the compliance labels
but if your shit fucks with infrastructure or medical, say goodbye to your company
thats immunity testing
its a thing
you have to make sure it doesnt do crazy shit when hit with ESD
and the RF immunity shit is pretty whatever, i think

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jero32: look at a uC datasheet with i2s peripheral?
beaver_: wasnt going to suggest that, but if you can soften the edges, it helps
was it LR clock related?
or data packing related?
what cables and how theyre bundled is the only 'trick' i know of, other than that you have to legit fix it
stronger grounds might help, slight chance you make it work
its kind of random, since its how the shit is radiating and what your enclosure is like
jero32: k sleep
The truth is there is no guideline for the optimum layer stack-up that applies to more than a small subset of all boards.
heh ^
consumer devices flipping railroad equipment
thats not made up

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jero32: did you figure it out
beaver_: yes thats worked
bunch of bypass caps is one of the things we would take to lab
along with soldering iron, bunch of resistors for changing termination loads
beaver does your shit have cables?
what cables and how they were bundled up was a known trick when i got there
very long cables seemed to be a winner
the LR justication on i2s/pcm stuff
why you still up
is it morning or something
beaver_: does the board have clocks?

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wood? fuck that, hit the x

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seems to be from refined tree sap

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kill the bugs!
but not with spiders, kill those too
bees are okay because honey
beebots ftw

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pine trees are useful
The mixture of diterpenes and triterpenes that is left as residue after turpentine distillation is sold as rosin.
pine trees cause cancer?!
wiki desnt mention cancer but mentions bunch of other shit that makes sense because solvent
basically pine tree will dissolve your insides

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i have rosin gel flux is over 10 years old, seems to work same
rab: i think its mixed with stuff to get diff consistencies
yeah old flux core solder seems diff, iunno tho
like, ancient kester vs new
maybe they changed the flux, tho
jero32: rosin is tree sap
it is?
oh, wiki says it is

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other thing i can thing of is it has to do with LR clock

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in word processing or politics
i think it has to do with sample length, extra (data) bits
not sure it matters in the case, i think its an issue with 24b samples in 32b packets
or other sample sizes that arent full packet length

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