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yes trigatron does look neat

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blackmoon: how is mid drive motor holding up?

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ya basically

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or i dunno, be that guy, maybe its a happy ending

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go watch pi
thats fine just get away from kinematics
have you seen pi?
watch it, the lesson is applicable
dont be that guy

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anyway, dont get too mad, dont give up, but get rest
you get upset and stop sleeping and you will stumble more
almost everyone sucks at E&M
youre doing rotational shit, a lot of people have problems with that
this is physics?
youre doing EE?
honestly, do your best to learn it, motors are 100% this
yeah because magnetism is very 3 dimensional, plus movement
that sucks

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JUST DERIVE IT, and they derive it in like 15 seconds
its because they know the way
because they done it 5000 times
do your best, make sure you sleep, take breaks, practice the parts you know
sometimes it clicks andyou make huge gains, sometimes you waste days
so looks through all of them
youre describing me for like, last two years
some stuff, i murdered, other stuff i was like a cat trying to drive a car
i mean, sure its possible
do you do group study shit? hard for me because i felt like i was figuring shit out at diff rates
but it can help because you see someone else doing it
yeah i didnt much, but i was 15 years older so was weird sometimes
is there free tutoring at school?
that sucks

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the problem with that is showing one more complex example doesnt always apply to the next one
so youre lost again
anyway, afaik this is normal a lot of forwards and backwards
for me, seeing plots and attaching geometry shit worked
like, i will say how i understand it, prof says no no, like this, then i go, right see how it makes a shape and you do the geometry and it integrates back and thats your offset and blah blah
and theyre like, oh shit yeah, you get it
youre building up a set of tools, everyone uses them diff
yeah dont skip classes
well its just the way the universe works
all the shit you dont understand will happen in the lectures you skip
yeah been there
like i said im slower at math, but faster is some other ways
you always have to figure it out yourself :D
worst case, you repeat the class, it happens
those guys have forgetten what its like to not understand

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or a chegg account
its easier when you see how its done a few time
and once you can do it, and you see some plots, it starts to make sense
dunno what to say, never got easy for me
i mean, started to, but then money problems and min wage job bullshit happened
my problem was math didnt make sense unutil it was applied, but you cant do the applications without the math
yeah, my first two years, the struggle was calculus
sounds like a physicist
okay well now its real
hes right, the problem is reconfiguring a few simple concepts into one bigger multi concept thing
anyway, supposed to be hard, normal to get upset, dont give up, dont bitch out the teacher
thats not always true, but right a lot of times thats true
like you blow 6 hours not getting it
you see someone do it, and if you has known that, would have saved 5 hours
heh, hes trying

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because a is v/t and v is x/t
so if you can get both sides to be a bunch of shit over t, t disappears
i mean, theyll show how with a bunch of algebra, but thats almost certainly what happened
the idea is that if you have those four equations, and accel is constant, you only need three of the four terms to figure them all out
sures its math, shrug
im not great at math
yeah this is only for constant accel
know why they teach it? because we learned this shit from gravity experiments
gravity is constant acceleration
get the instructors manual!

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anyway, im explaining it like i understand it because its in physics and dynamics books like this
also read the omega0 as initial speed and zero it out at first
and read rads - rads0 as change in angular position
sure always is at first
anyway, if you really want to understand the derivation, understand the linear equations
okay well first step, look at your angular equations
then look at the PDF i linked, table at the bottom
secret: theyre the same equations excepts yours are wrapped around a circle
the pdf shows how the linear equations are derived
probably all of them, i didnt read it but this is how all the kinematics lessons start
the pdf will show how they figured out the one with squares
anyway, my guess is it has to do with time being the same for the acceleration and velocity components and dropping out

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shrug, i dont memorize them i just look at that table
scroll to the bottom first
the one you linked with the three equations
shrug, then memorize them
iunno, it makes sense when you look at the curves
like the two is there because accel is constant so it makes a triangle so the area is cut in half
curves of velocity or distance vs time, or velocity vs distance, or whatever
the square just makes is easier to look at in equation form
square root both sides so omega turns normal, then imagine the other side in terms of a plot

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itll show how its derived there if its not in the rotational chapter
shrug, thats just the list of constant acceleration equations in every book
one is missing t, one is missing v (w), one is missing distance (rads)
i know, because its explained in the linear chapter
and those are just the same thing in circles
they show those equations, and then you deal with calculaus because variable accel

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is just rotational version of normal constant accel formulas?
jero32: thats from your physics book, no?
find the chapter on costant linear acceleration

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