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yeh i feel like a lot of the midsole tech beyond just slabs of heavy foam breaks
like, nike airs broke
and a lot of the other stoff with softer inner pockets wears through or uneven
yeah lot of stuff like that maybe 10-20 years ago
like, springs

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but saucony jazz low profile are $50 will last two years comfy as fuck, so im on like third pair
and then sometimes i get puma motorsport shoes because they kind of feel like chucks but they dont die
like dis
they are not good for hiking like the 70s runners :(
i feel like shoe tech peaked in the 70s and its all just aesthetics since then

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its all about 70s running shoes
nike cortez was the cheapo option, maybe still is
those look okay
wore these for awhile, but then they stopped making them

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i think that was the other color
the cools ones were the nike ones
with the pump on the side
the reebok ones became a commodity, like every kid had em, cheap quick
i think that was way later and maybe not reebok
wasnt fishing line, was like thin nylon line, zig zag pattern
eventually i got sick of chuck taylors not lasting long and only having window of comfort
new they are totally flat, but then they wear to your arch which feels awesome
then they have a hole
chucks are the only shoes ive owned would regularly get holes
yeah basically
i never liked skate shoes, too heavy and clompy

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would be cool to see how the twist flames were made
the saucony jazz treads last really well, stay even, something about how they blocks are stepped
i get the low pro ones without the giant heel foam, tho
i think the only 'cool' shoe i got was nike agassis
besides that, just chuck taylors and vans

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dos_: do you wear them daily?
one year is not bad for $50 sneakers
saucony jazz are $50, are pretty okay for a year, will go longer but will look kinda shit
puma, asic/onitsuka, new balance pretty much same
yeah after a year all these shoes pretty usable, and thats walking up to few miles a day
i dont like sketchers
theyre like modern LA Gear or british knights

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k back to laundry and fewds

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cheater: i you get hit by forklift, you and forklift driver, FIRED!
one of the forklifts is like a house
prob already fixed
or at least checked for
if happens without cancelation, FIRED!
ha, everyone hates them

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cheater: reebok and maybe asiics make 70s running sneakers like i like with steel toes
was considering but work boss is like, dont need if not floor workers, just watch out for forklifts

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