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just buy magnesium strips
wow @ sparking a 700 ton pyramid
you could prob see that from mars
little blue dot turns white for a moment
oh well dont stand so close
make a little trail pile to the pyramid
prob a few miles out is safe
dont wear clothes
do it while in a pool
sounds good

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i dont think you can not misread that
blackmoon: do you think he means a bic or a flint holder for starting torch welders
oh i didnt even consider that
that wouldnt even last a minute at 5 hz
either the piezo would shatter or the spark wire would melt
net|: what you need to do is get some aluminum foil, fold it twice and unfold to make a little dish where the folds cross
then use a bic and roll the ignotor slowly to rub the flint down without sparking it
collect the powder on the foil until you have a little pyramid like half inch tall
youre going to need a few bics
then light it
this isnt going to be useful, but youre going to have fun

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snompus: i feel bad that you are exposed to lady gaga enough to know her songs are terrible
personally i have no idea

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who the fuck did real math without a calculator in the 80s?
in the 60s they had slide rules
i just used a computer, because the ti89 on my phone was further
only truth in that back and forth is macgyver0 is grumpy because old
real mfkrs use a c64 for basic multiplication and division, amirite?

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2.64 weeks if you only mean weekdays
same same
i would guess allocation table, sector size, and file size matters, too
get him a smart phone and dont turn google gps tracking off
then show him *exactly* where hes been
prob scare him a bit

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( 11 mbit / sec )( 1/8 MB / mbit )( 1/1024 GB/MB )( 3600 sec/hour )( 2 hour/day )( 7 day/week )...
67.675 GB/week
( 128 GB )( 1/67.675 week/GB )...
1.89 weeks
snompus is good at estimating HD to SD things

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