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those detention centers are another example of gov defending profit
a lot of those companies arent allowed to house kids for big city child protective services anymore
of course it costs more, thats why they werent being detained like this before, also i dont think money should be a justication for violating human rights

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why not use fox news
fox news seems down with immigrant camps

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theyre not the victims to people who are told others are invaders or less human
um, its available and effective
youre basically dancing around calling this a conspiracy to take gun rights away
the only reason it dies down is so much other shit is disctracting people
ah, its the russians, okay

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thats all subjective, if you dont want the conversation dont bring it up
because the classic arguments are classic because theyre still true
check logs, im not against guns
if you want people to agree with you, go to a channel that does
im dissapointed that things are towards the point where i wouldnt defend gun rights because other things are more important
its both, ive made this clear
everything else has been compromised

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hatred is pretty much bred by economic and social inequiality and leadership that fans the flames as a distraction
youre not going to eliminate it
anyway ive addressed all of this
a lot of those means are already controlled
anyway, it works everywhere else on earth
conservative leadership has regressed towards blaming video games, and conservative population just makes every excuse they can

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safety is an excuse used to do those things, the real reason is usually to push down dissent, i dont think its related how youre claiming it is
actually it would
it does, everywhere else
again it isnt about if it would work, it works, compare here to close to everywhere else
so the argument that it wouldnt work is weak, the argument is about if it is worth it
in a well educated, fair society where needs are generally met, i think an armed population is a positive thing
actually, if the problem is the amount of violence, it would be solved to some degree

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anyway, saying gun contropl doesnt work is a weak argument, it works everywhere else on earth, the argument is about whether its worth not having it when clearly it means more pointless violence
thats not new spybert
tho what is happening, a lot of locally areas are not the bad places
they werent 30 years ago
a lot of people angry because now they are stuck in a bad place and can afford to go someplace better, when there home wasnt bad before
obvious outcomes of trickle down golden shower economics
all of this is about a government that provides safety, thats mostly what a gov is for
defend from outside threats and create laws to keep things safe

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also people like rab are why i think guns shouldnt be outlawed
but people like rabs kid are why i wouldnt try very hard to defend gun rights across the board
sadly as a society we may not be responsible enough in context of keeping society generally safe, which is pretty much the mission of a government
spybert: you are like someone on mushrooms wandering around saying 'HOW IS THIS TO BE?' when everyone around them knows how we got here
being privatized? boat has sailed, shit has been private for decades

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knife and sword control is a stupid argument because the amount of damage that can be done is significantly limited in those cases
timed? they happen all the time
if by brainwashing you mean generally polarizing people by systematically turning them against the 'other', obviously
its weekly, and youre making my point for me, that its getting worse
society is brainwashing the mentally ill, so my point is you work to make society less aggressive towards people who are different, and reduce mental illness
sculptor: i dont think any of this happened near rab
well, rabs home at least

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spybert: at this point the 'somebody' might be the majority of people
i think the population should be armed, but i also think there should be way better education, better medical coverage including mental health coverage, and socialism and gov subsidy shouldnt just be focused on corp profit
so given education system has been taken apart, and the medical and economic situation is fucked for the majority of people, without gun control theres going to be a lot of pointless violence

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