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sculptor without gravity you would probably lose things a lot easier

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yeah i want a VR setup for racing games
also dogfights in space

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you just fnished watching monza quali session too?
benny hill shit

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those plus mic cable w/ drain wire is kinda perfect for 1 wire
too fat!
omg @ .189 is the skinny one

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the cheaper prefab stuff definitely isnt
if rean mini xlr is solder cup terminals, prob best options if he wants to make cables
yeah assembly instructions say solder to terminals

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theres similar twist lock versions of the m8/m12 stuff but doesnt seem popular, maybe not sealed
i think was random japanese motor encoders
a lot of the m12/m8 molex stuff isnt shielded

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might be based on mil spec
if money aint no thing, id trust those more than lemo, because a lot of lemo is 3rd party crimped or soldered so who knows how it looks inside
yeah i was going to say that but i dont know if he wants to have seperate shield or what
but bnc/rca would work if grounding is decent

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of if they just dont want to be associated with poorly assembly cables because smaller
haha @ rean, neutrik shit that neitrik doesn't trust enough to put their name on
i like rean stuff, tho
nice, mouser has them listed as REAN / Neutrik
this stuff is popular on a lot of sealed sensor and encoder stuff works uses, m8 and m12
shit aint cheap, tho

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mini-xlr to mini-xlr seems hard to find, sucks they didnt catch on so their is a market to choose from
normal is like, mini-xlr to random in random quality
i kind of wonder if the reason they dont is theyre hard to make better for reasonable cost

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rab: yeah thought about those but not idea what size is or other requirements are
if xlr isnt too bulky, conductor count is right and shield connections are flexible
*no idea
dsub hard to bear if cost is an issue, w/ 9 pin can get length cables you want for crazy cheap and theyre shielded and locking

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db is super easy to source cables, maybe dinosaur enough you dont have to worry about people randomly plugging shit in
maybe try picking cable first then getting the headers
lots of cycles, you prob want something prefabricated instead of crimping yourself

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minifit jr
unless it needs to be super small
how long what gauge wire

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offensively stanced
why is it called a trike it has 4 wheels

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