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shrug, in those contexts im supposedly doing much better than average american, so cant complain

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hoping for 6 months
what got me there was four years of college in the middle of buttfuck central cali
realistically i just keep doing what im doing, try not to piss any boss people off, ill be fine

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kind of, it means actually talking to collections mofos now
no i was joking about a wife
no im ignoring the issues until enough money saved up to not fear loss of job
currently i hide at home and read sci-fi novels, pretend i dont have money
its mostly sorted, its not so much debt, if i mentioned bankruptcy to informed people they laugh at me
but this time last year i was edge of homeless student poor
fuck that, im just going to pay the mfkrs

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i had two fortune cookie scraps in my wallet for a long time
one said MADE IN THE USA, maybe was just the last scrap in a pack
i guess they came true
awesome, shrug, job is job
too many face to face meeting with the head bossguy over hot glue related drama, he ended up shrugging and saying me and project manager bro knew what we were doing
i guess that is awesome, and immediate bossguy said something last week basically said my job was safe
yeah i guess ill look into one of those when i get through debt paranoia
will hit my saving acct goal in a couple weeks

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its like misery finding company
'but what about when you get old'
ill buy a maidbot, wtf
move into a place that allows cats
friendgirl got a cat, i get a stream of adventure cat pics now, im so jelly

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well you are a pretty smart guy so get on it
yeah thats seems to be how it works
maybe suggests having a kidwould feel like a normal state for me
tho given a choice id rather sleep more
when people try and convince me that i should try and find a girl to have a family with, i note how often they complain about wives and kids
no one argues

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rab: theres prob a lunix daw setup w/ video player will let you use plugins
rab: reaper can video
good luck
page 397

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damn, looks like about $2k just for a surround preamp
thats kinda sexy
that plus identical studio monitor speakers and a studio sub would be my suggestion for the rich fucks
anyway, if she wants smart speakers, get sonos
if she wants a standard receiver dealy, get the most expensive yamaha set she can afford
look into atmos, avoid bose
prob not
might not be the best bundled speakers but its been out maybe 4 or 6 years now?
rab: its called computer

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rip the guy who designed the sub and bar
ah, rab with the pure shit
still looks like decent decoders are hard to find
and yeah, id look into atmos stuff
personally, id prob try and find a 7.1 decoder, buy a bunch of affordable monitor speakers and a studio sub
for $2k you could maybe get some yamaha or mackie shit

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jero32: shrug, whats her source
some personal bias towards that
itll sound good plus its integrated with probably every streaming service ever

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