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software is still running on a clocked system, because processors are clocked systems
virtualize doesnt really mean anything in this context
code execution is by nature sequencial and needs a clock source
it doesnt need to be a fixed rate clock
and it requires hardware
im done

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without a clock signal a processor doesnt move
even if its not a regular clock signal, its still a clock signal
arguably no clock signal is 'regular' at a high enough rate of perception
you could use a branch swaying in the wind as a signal somehow, or some RF noise pumping up a capacitor to be periodically dumped, and its still a clock
a processor is by definition a clocked system, and combinational logic thats doing something like sampling at a set rate isnt a processor but is still clocked in some way
beaver_: it has no core clock, because its using a com signal as a clock
its still a clocked system
if you want to get rid of a crystal oscillator, you can do that with internal or external RC clocks, or you can use something else, like a com signal, an RF noise source, or a branch in the wind clicking a switch

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make a machine with free will that wants to execute commands at regular intervals
i think rab is wrong
i think you can do it if you develop a soul
possibly you have to enslave it
also it needs to be good a time, i guess
*at time
well obviously you will have to trick it or threaten it or something
also you cant call it a clock
else all is for nothing

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free will.
oh no
you need gatorade

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brain clock prob works something like a PLL

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pll needs a clock
software doesnt not happen without a clock

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then software simple doesnt exist
sequencial software needs a program counter that is clocked by hardware

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i want to watch chernobyl
rab: book is def geek-noir cheesy, which im cool with but it took like 200 pages to get a decent twist in
and then mfkr went on a bender with a semi-synthetic bodied merc girl
software needs to be timed by hardware
are you going to clock it with your foot or something?

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