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i thought this happened with just the angles and no connection between them?
oh theres two per angle
easy answer to that is bigger holes with washers
also torque them one at a time while moving, then shim around the problem screw
design wont work with one?
even 1/4" of 6061

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that bad, huh
right i figured when he bolted the gantry on
maybe also check if it does it without the angles when the screws are tight, maybe its an interference thing
yeah some hole is peaking around a screw head
but it still seems weird that the extrusion is bowing the whole truck
id think youd be able to see gap when you held the angle against the trucks for it to be that bad
to themselves?

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same issues on big machines with cast iron bases, everything is shimmed and sometimes they have to retorque after its built
cant fix everything with software
like the trucks are flexing?

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the steel reails are more likely to pull the aluminum flat than the other way around
so if you loosen the rails, and loosen the delrin looking L brackets, build it up, then tighten everything in stages while moving the gantry, maybe works
its built onto plywood so whatever you do, its going to need to be able to deal with some flex over time
you can shim the angles, too

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_unreal_: try loosening the guides, building everything up, then retorqueing in stages as you move the gantry down the rails
theres prob enough slop in the extrusion slot nuts to line everything up

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