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thats neat, they played really well together

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sculptor: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/truestudio.html
does it not work anymore?
no im mean truestudio
ive never used cubeide
its based on eclipse
it prob is truestudio, rebranded, heh
because eclipse

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heh dreamcast
aina_the_: open it and check for bad caps

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neptune: no

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did you look up the part number on the thermostat you pulled?
pic says same thing
yours didnt have electrical specs?

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2 hours doesnt seem like much
but i guess better than nothering
teklap: maybe its an indirect proportional measurement
theyre similar, seems to be diff ratings
i also think it would be weird to have 450F at the user interface
are you going to do testing to make sure its the right one?
you should just call oster
how much is this toaster oven?
why you spending so much on toaster ovens?

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digikey will have that?
mouser is same shit
its not automation stuff, its for an oven, so mcmaster or grainger prob wont have it either
where did you pull it from?
have you tried calling oster?
maybe try calling oster

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oh he says he found one
morning channel peoples

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jero32: you dont have community college or similar that have machining courses?
even with a machine, you need tons of tooling to learn a lot
schools with usually have all that shit

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would def try bigger holes and washers, tho

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