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burny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corporation_(2003_film)
you would probably enjoy that
its not really political its what you are talking about

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law says they have to be like that to maximize return for investors

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definitely on jeros side of this

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flyback: drop it
clearly an example of flyback getting harassed online
pretty sure the guy behind the truck wasnt trying to kill the driver

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jero32: the irony of your post and flybacks comment

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he harassed people online

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maybe it was diff before i was around, but thats all i remember him doing
he hasnt been around here in a long time, like over a decade im guessing, not sure about efnet in general

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off topic, effort to be offensive, promoting troll religion
note that no one, including flyback, has denied this when i point it out

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