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bit of blowby debris never hurt a fan
maybe because never been done before

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i wonder if he has hair clippers

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thats metal parts
using ecetone on a fan is evil :(
strait mineral oil is prob safest, my guess is motor oil has more solvents/detergents than 3-in-1
and who knows about triflow, but it has teflon and smells like bananas!
also its fine for plastic deraileur and shifter bits
haha, yeah thats actually not bad idea, those things dont really get better
silicone grease might actually be fine if you can actually get it into the bearing

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wtf motor oil
he left
if hes going to buy something, could just get 3-in-1 or triflow
heh, yeah i dont see jero doing his own oil changes
its just machine oil, pretty much same as sewing machine oil

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what like triflow?
light machine oil should be fine
like, if you mean some water resistant grease, no, but triflow is machine oil + teflon, prob pretty awesome for fans

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fish is for sharks
sharks are bad

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fish is ew

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k, ty for wiping

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