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but if you ran solid state through output transformers, you would maybe get close to tube sound
but if you have a solid state amp and a tube amp both running within their normal dynamic range, no clipping, they should both be running under 0.1% THD+N and speaker distortion should dominate
well tube amps dont usually output much so they clip and it maybe sounds nice
so they have a reputation for better dynamic range performance but its not accurate
sculptor: things are okay! except for the whole 2020 thing
i kind of want to do a tube preamp with opamp buffers
just to be an ass
kind of like building a cobra daytona replica, and putting a chevy LS in it
get spit on, maybe murdered

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anyway, AB for highs and D for lows is high performance capable, and D for highs isnt much diff with good amps
and with passive xovers and typical transducers, amp distortion isnt very significant
well, im pretty sure a lot of tube amps are basically that
long tail pair inputs, a gain stage, and AB output
with the transformer you get the low z out
absolutely not
tube sound happens when you overdrive the amp
if you run it within its envelope, at best you get transformer voicing
but tube amps are almost always lower output
so youre more likely to fall outside their operational envelope
tube setups cant really do hard edges so you get soft clip that sounds better than solid state square waves

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like, youre probably hovering between 0.1% to 1% THD+N, so if the transducers are good, it makes a diff
but i mean, doing abx with similar transducers with AB vs D is going to be hard for 99.9% of people
shrug, not so much when you run filters
like, audio precision sells a filterbox specifically for class-d measurement, and the results usually arent so bad
a good class-d amp is usually about a good as a whatever AB amp
but speakers usually distort worse than both
basically if you can hear the amp, its a pretty shit amp
but if you spend days on end with a measurement mic in your hand, watching RTA plots, you can probably pick up on the difference
and ive seen acoustic engineers do it over and over
but this is in a totally controlled environment

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so if the switch pins go bad, shit is semi bricked
jero32: you adjust signal level at the source
either PC volume, daw faders, or interface knob
thats why they are on the back on legit speakers
honestly tho, i been rocking a $20 refurbished logitech 2.1 setup for like 3 years
prob next year i splurge on some monitors
focusrite scarlett 8i8 and some genelecs
oooo, DXBB
jero32: honestly, its edge of perception
jero32: it would be high frequency and youd need some decent low distortion speakers for decent class-d to sound like total shit
jero32: no i mean ABX in a good listening space

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rab: ive done m-audio active speaker teardowns, superchina spaghetti grounds
are they active xover?
or new style active speaker w/ passive xover?
when they do that shit with the electronics all in one speakers and jump over to the next w/ speaker wire, speaker jesus weeps
yeah, imagine what that does to the acoustics of one channel versus the other
youre not supposed to touch those volume knobs jero
also i like how they will route signal through switch pins on headphone outs
so when you plug headphones in, it turns off the speakers

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i dunno, because it was pretty
cobble streets and 'residential' looking commercial, compact without looking ghetto
building with arches, steep roofs
if thats america, is something new england

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i dont think hes ejected to europe yet
kinda want
almost convinced myself to buy two and send one to friend as bday present
have resisted

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sculptor_: you dont have to be embarassed
guys i think we should do daylight savings fall backwards every weekend
i should do a petition

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