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like, playing with people in time is totally diff, not for everyone
yes you are
jero32: if you want an electric guitar seriously consider decent earplugs
i totally suck at guitar, but continuously upping amp volume while playing simple power chord shit was addictively fun
you can get a decent interface like a focusrite scarlett for way under $100, minimal latency

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jero32: dont cheap out too much
like, a squire or epiphone is fine, but make sure it gets setup, or pay to get it setup
other than that, shrug
depends how serious you are, like is you just want a stress relief hobby and instruments and amps to play with, you dont even need lessons
like, i cant play bass guitar for shit but its fun to fuck around, dont regret buying one ~20 years ago, can learn tunes okay, no desire to play with people
if you want to like, be in a band and have it be a social thing, you should def try and play with people often, consider lessons

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