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using his second vise like that isnt cool
least he knows

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$200 press from horror fate tools would have done it
he took the jaws off one side :(
and its probably fine for the vise
his vise isnt long enough
also he asking his math nerds to figure out force hes not giving enough info
need the TPI of the vise screw

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jero32: kinda funny seeing him totally underestimating the amount of force needed to push the broach through
he doesnt have one
i just gave a 20 ton one away just to get the last of my shit out of my storage locker
now hes going to use his kurt vise? :(
wtf is he going to do when the broach needs to come out the other end?
its not big enough

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jero32: least he doesnt have sleeves
jero32: tool holder close to chuck is kind of scary, but thats kind of how you use the machine, only way to make a lot of cuts
well, it looks like he prob could have stuck the stock out more
and sticking his hand i there was maybe kind of stupid
im not surprised he got his hand stuck in the gears once

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