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yeah, is like maybe 4 years now
so like, school done, paid back all cc debt that happened while in school, lots of money saved up, fuckit i get genelecs
yeah i dont need them i just know theyre like, best sounding shit ever
plus i got audio hardware job so i can almost sell it to myself as career related
yeah! i gotta sleepzor
yeah, no more factory electronics
factory electronics is fucking boring
it puts the wire into the terminal block or it gets the hose

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yeah dunno if i want the glm stuff or not
ya i dont think i would use it
yeah that seems neat, super expandable
just want a stereo setup
i just have logitech 2.1 pc thing
pretty sure i got this shit for like $25 refurbished

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i maybe want to get the 10" sub instead
like it?

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so biamp speakers would be the straight forward project
theyre cheap!
and then you get their little programmer and you can use the analog devices software to load random dsp hacks
i want to get genelecs
maybe get that
i am still sad about selling my krk while in school

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hello channel people
is pushrod eck0s bot?
i think pushrod is eck0s bot
i had wingstop
i kinda want to make an audio thing
have bunch of audio test gear for work at home, because work from home
i kinda want to fuck around with sigma DSP module from parts express

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