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isnt that itchy?

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yeah, i don't see it super often, but enough times to know its a thing
definitely when used in high vibration application
last job, kind of low/medium power DC motors, they didnt even match the widths in a lot of the equipment
shit mostly worked
when it didnt, sometimes insulation would melt so they would replace
usually with mismatched terminals
i even bought right size, they kept using wrong ones :(

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i dont think anyone calls the forky ones fork terminals
even tho it would make sense
there is an issue with thickness on fast-on terminals
its not standard
so if you get female fast-on meant for thick male fast-on, and you use it with thin male fast-on, connection can be pretty shit
sometimes they have a latch feature that will keep them from falling off even when super loose
but with decent current, thickness mismatch can cause them to heat up
worst case, they will disintegrate
for example, cheap high power speakers sometimes use thin males, if you use thick females, can toast the little phenolic boards the males are mounted too
if you get them from digikey/mouser, you can check thickness or match brand/series of male/female

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i feel like spade terminal should be limited to the forky ones
internet doesnt totally agree
digikey agrees, tho
wonder how compatible forks and female fast-ons are

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fast-on or quick-connect

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efsenable: i suggest playing with audio circuits for a few years
ideally, get a job in audio product R&D

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the wavefile= thing is pretty neat
you would think they could just put another radio button below PWL import for WAV import
omg @ fader pot drama

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efsenable: tutor like how?
okay well when you have some shit that breaks LTspice show me
rab: unlike pots and switches, shit just works
i think you can do that in the voltage dialog, no?
yeah there is like, PWL directive and import PWL file if you right click on voltage sources

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LTspice wav output is the shit
rab: you didnt know? .wave output.wav 24 96K V(wav_out) V(wav_out)
i've never used before it other than to test it actually works
dbFS is set at +/-1V
im testing fucked up mic bias circuit with offset, to hear transients when switching to diff bias circuits
so i divided with 10Meg and 90Meg to keep it within dBFS

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