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but <strong opinion> i dont think exactly flat at one point in space in the middle of the spectrum matters as much as spending the money to get very low distortion drivers and an active crossover biamp setup </strong opinion>
ive resisted the urge to splurge on a genelec 2.1 system
instead ive bought oscope, bass guitar amp, turborat fuzz pedal
im totally getting real about bass guitar

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19:04:30 <@Rab> Just set the monitors at some reasonable maximum and let the source govern the volume.
oh no where is jero
but yeah just gonna agree with rab says
also room cal is kind of bullshit
like, you can basically only cal for one exact spot
which may fuck up sound at another spot
but some systems actually do a decent job and get around this
because they barely do anything at all
at an exjob we measured some shit and it was like, some barely audible EQ
makes sense for monitor speakers, kinda, because your head is gonna be at one exact spot

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